My wife has this tattoo in her bikini area. She got it many years ago when we were first together...for years it pissed me off. Now I think it is kinda clever? What do you think ?
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Whatever floats your boat

Why would you care what she got tattooed on her body? What could she possibly tattoo on her body that would **** you off? I admit, the concept mystifies me...

She only has one tattoo, she toyed with idea of getting other ones but decided two leads to three etc...

I think that's her neck, not her bikini area.

I know, like I would post pic of her area..

Me too!!

I just need to make sure it is the right woman. It is so easy to get my GFs and wife mixed up!

Oh - u are a joker!!

I know!

Actually, I don't know what the bikini area of a woman looks like any longer : (

You poor man. You should come to our book club meeting for some fun w the ladies!!!! Woo

Sorry - taken

I have an option on a maybe someday :). Yipeee

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I think that in the bikini area and that she got it when you were first together she was definitely telling you something.

Not sure what the message was...still do not. Learned a lot about how she felt about me early in our relationship over time. I was naïve back then. She has mellowed after age 50.

I think we all start mellowing after 50.

***** power!

Good thing there are options

Wish I could find my wife's on button!

lol - too funny - but so true for too many... Where did all the sexy playfulness go?