I love it when my wife teases me about my small **** and she tells me how much better of bigger **** is.
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Show us a pic

I'll take her *****.. you do her ***

I love when my wife teases me about mu small **** too

So hot!!!

My god please help them...lol

I love my wife as I can share anything and everythingh with her

My word

add me please

If you love your Wife it's fun to share her. Have her be enjoyed & appreciated. It's immensely satisfying.

It can be better but there are so many things that add to amazing sexual experiences

What is the things that amazing to sexual experience?

Affection mostly but also treating the person you are with as a sexual being with desires. Desires that can extend beyond you. Desires that can include the same Sex or more than one person. A ******** can be the fantasy of even the most conservative woman.