I love my wife and think she is so sexy. I want to share her with others so she can feel even sexier.
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That's a nonstarter. Don't even go there.

That is a path only the very, very unwise attempt to take. Just ask yourself what would happen if only one of these guys is better off in natures specialized equipment than you? What happens if one, or worse most of them are better performers than you are? What happens if, and I hope it never happens, your good lady and A.N. Other happen to fall in love? I would hazard a guess it would destroy the pair of you as a couple, and at worse as a person. Please, if you both like the idea, please, please, please think long and hard about it and think of all the negative things about it. Once you open the garden gate you cannot close it. Fantasy and reality are two extremely different animals and you are best off keeping them as far apart as you can.Having said all that whatever choice you elect to follow I wish you the best, but, please keep in mind the gate is best off left closed.

Yep, I understand the desire of fantasy, the small point I`m just trying to get over is keep it that. A fantasy is a wonderful thing I would imagine 90%+ of men and women too; to be pc, have one or two in some different manner.
With the undeniable fact that we and dolphines are the only two mammals, not sure if should be "animals", but who cares, who have sex for our own pleasure. I don`t think the boffins have asked all the other animals as yet but I will watch out for it. So if you are sure to touch the water to test if your other half wants to go for it then please do.
Enjoy your sex life, it doesn`t last for ever, lol.

As I say db enjoy it. even though my beliefs are that we live many times we only know about the life we are living. So for all intentions saying "you only live once" though technically not correct. It is all you have at any one time so enjoy and live it to the full,next time you could be born both sexes, now that must be a real mind f*** if your parents choose the wrong one to cut away.
BE happy, I wish you well.

I fantasise about this too as does my wife but can't seem to take the plunge lol.

That is because the idea is exciting, but there is a huge risk in the execution.

If I`d suggested it I would be executed, mine frau can be very unforgiving and even though my penis isn`t huge I do like it resting between my bollocks and between my legs, lol.

I love my wife with all my heart j think she is gorgeous in all the ways possible but I would never want to share her like that. I m not saying it's wrong cos that's a matter of opinion but if you and her are happy with each other why in earth would you want to be with some one else.

Don't get me wrong the only women I want is my wife and I m sure she d say the same about me. I would really take a time out and think about it before either of you do anything.

Good luck I have a feel you may need it mate. Take care the both of you and be safe

I love my wife and I can't share her with anyone as she died 3 weeks ago from terminal pancreatic cancer after a year long battle against it. We where married for 29 years I do not give a ---- what you may or may not think I am but you should get over yourself and get a real life IF you don't have one it's time you did

Be careful, she might find someone better.

I'd sure like to see her.