My Wife Is My Best Friend.

I've been in love with my wife sense we locked eyes her fist day at work. Ill never forget what i felt, i thought i want to be with her for the rest of my life. We went on one date and have been together ever sense. 10 years. My wife is my best friend,the best mother to our kids,a wonderful wife to me,and a great lover.

I have a daughter from my first marriage. My wife has tried to raise her as her own but, my ex. keeps messing that up with mind games, but my wife has with a lot of patience and pride.Her and my ex are friends they babysit for each other quite often now if that isn't hard i don't know what is.especially when the ex is hitting on me all the time.

My wife tries to do things I like to do like hunting and fishing but, she just bring herself to kill an (Innocent creature). Fishing is to much of waiting and sitting. she does enjoy trottlining though.

i love my wife because she puts up with my stubborn ***. She has been by my side through a lot. From the death of my grandpa to the divorce of my parent of 28 years, to my dads remarriage.

She has supported me in every job I've ever tried to get and the ones I've quit. and when i say supported i mean she went and got a job driving an 18 wheeler.Now thats hard on any parent.

We've had our ups and downs just like any couple, but i think the tough times bring a couple together like nothing else can.

I would not cheat on her for anyone. she is the love of my life and I wouldn't jeopardize what we have for anything,because i know a good friend when I've got one.

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that is beautiful ...
really is...
you are blessed ...

You are a great husband and she sounds like a great wife mashallah.

I love it!!!!! Absolutely heart-warming!! Don't let anything or anyone come between you, and keep Truth paramount in your lives. All the best :-).

aww....that is a really sweet story.

Awww you guys are soooo cute!!! Your both really lucky to have each other - but I know you already knew that!!! I hope you both share a lifetime of happiness

silvertears, I know i don't always show how much I love you, but I will tell you know you are the love of my life and I will love you for eternity.

treehugginjenjen, if i can make one person even consider what they feel for someone it makes me feel good.

I knew that you loved me, but I never realized how much. I love you too, darlin. More than life itself.

That is so awesome. I totally relate with you. I love my husband so much. Your story made me feel all nice and warm in my heart. =)<br />
Peace and Love to you and your family, J