I wonder if it is me, I though a marriage is a partnership as I do everything from my side, pay for everything (as I get more money) but she behaves as if I do nothing and on top of that I struggle to get sex. I have heard so many married guys saying women are never happy with what you do, thought they were lying.
Akiragen Akiragen
41-45, M
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Marriage is an agreement between two loving people. I've been married for over 15yrs now. Do I get sex every night? Hell no. But when we do make love, it's really great.

I love my wife dearly. She's a beautiful, loving and caring wife, Mom and woman. What's worked for me isn't the sex, it's reciprocating the love I receive. I do that by being there when she needs me to. I fill in the gaps without complaint. She does the same for me. When we have a difference of opinion, we talk. Sometimes I just listen about her day and sometimes she about mine.

Most days we're busy and don't have time to communicate, but we do through our actions.

Me too. I also struggle to ask for sex