Our Changing Lives

In the past few weeks, we have under gone so many health changes, at first she had a angiogram, man that some scary ****,

Our habits are not the best I admit, we are both over weight and smoke, me about 1.5 a day. The doctor said her worst enemy was water, yes water

she drinks too much, believe that.

Well we have made major changes to our habits and smoking is on the list, I am soooooo stressed about that,

As you can imagine a woman in her mid forties think funny anyway, I think she was worried that I would leave. NO WAY I told her I would walk with her through the changes we make in our lives, don't get me wrong I am not trying to look like a hero, I love her enough to make the changes with her so that we may have as long and happy life together.

I trucked for 26 yrs and had no life so to speak, but when I retired last june, I found her, and moved to her town to be with her, in her 43 yrs on earth she has never been in love, How lucky am I?


She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met.

We as men so many times take our women for granted so much at times, think about all they do for us. most of our drawers are magic they are filled every week and supper is cooked. they are there to keep us on track when things get rough, who is it that really guides us to the right way'

We should each day thank god for them and be thankful we have them in our life.

cause guys think about it without them we are SLOBS, true but with them we are a MAN....

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This is a real truth for us.....