Young Love ? No Its Just A Happy Family.

ok, me and my wife have been married for 5 years and we married at 17 and we are now 22. Believe it or not it was a great thing to me because i was with the person i loved the most and she even got pregnant wit my now four year old son when we were both 18. Our parents were alright with it because i had a steady job and she went to school so they were glad to help us. A year after my son was born, we took a wack at having another child and had a girl. People thought that we was to young to have two kids at 19 but hey we didn't care because i love her and she loves me.

 But to start it all, here's how it first began.

Meeting Love

when i was about 15 and in highschool, i met this young pretty lady with long black and brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a caramel and dark fair skin tone that i was dying to just stand next to. i joined the football team and noticed she'd came to our games and recorded every game we had. One time, going home after a game i seen her on the same bus and i immediately got on the bus with her. As i stepped on the bus, a smile grew on her pretty face as she begin to hide in a book. i got on and walked to the empty seat right next to her sat down and sweated so hard that it looked as if i just walked out from a rain storm. she peaked and asked was i alright but as excited as i was, i couldn't answer. She asked again and her pretty voice lifted me like angels from above. she turned her head toward the window with an awkward look on her face showing that she believed that i was just ignoring her. i immediately cleared my froggy voice and answered with a deep voice in responding , "Yes, im ok, ma'am". she smiled and turned to me as she withdrew a small cloth from her purse and she told me to take it and i slowly grabbed it and wiped off my face. i said clearly a thank you and she returned with a smile. i had smiled and she stared at me and i stared into her gorgeous eyes as i soon got lost into them. the smile soon went away nd i stopped staring and told her how sorry i was about the stare but she played it cool and we started to conversate. we talked and talked until her stop had came, exchanged numbers and she was on her way. after a couple of days i begin seeing her and talking to her was then she told me about her feelings about me and i told her mine feelings toward her. she was delighted and so was i. we begin dating and i was now excited to meet her parents after the first three weeks. when i met her parents, they had loved in calling me 'son-in-law' and we arranged for them to meet my parents and soon, my father and mother were both glad to have met my new girlfriend and her parents. as a year went on, we had been getting stronger and stronger into our relationship and we started to have sex. we always were going into protection with sex then, her parents wanted me to marry their beautiful daughter. at first my parents were not into the idea until later after i had turned 16. we ended up having a private wedding with only immediate family and very close friends right after i turned 17 and a year later, we found ourselves pregnant. it was only right for our parents to help us because we were so young but then, i helped with my fathers business and collected a steady job while my wife was at school. when she gave birth to our son, she named him after me and i was so happy. soon after, we found ourselves yet again pregnant with a beautiful daughter we gave the names of my wife and grandmother. soon after the birth of our kids then we decided that maybe two is enough and here we are now, two kids, a husband and his beautiful wife, a happy family. :)

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Mar 6, 2010