its the time when my wife is in college.. She has a big round ***..
Her classmates r fond of her all call her n nickname is assygirl..
When my wife first time told me then i have instant hardone..
She always prefer to wear micro minis n jeggings..
Ohh god i love to **** her ***..
N may be her previous bfs aalso..
indianhubby123 indianhubby123
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i too want dr can i ?

Why not friends u r most welcome

hey u r too lucky have ur wife along with u and she too that she had such a great n round *** for u hah... really she rocks hard everyone who must be looking at her hah...!

ohhhhhhhhhh my god ur goddess u r really goddess for me i worship ur ***.
i really beg on my knees please allow me to **** i promise u will never feel before that level enjoyment u will get till my death i love u darling, i love u darling, i love u darling really love u....... really i will die for u please bueaty allow me to only one time **** ur *** please please i reallly really beg u

I too like to grab & fk her big big roundy....softy fkable Asssssssssss......

As bonus wud like to lick her ...*******

would love her to sit on my face with her leggings on

U r the lucky man in this world .<br />
How lovely *** ur wife have. <br />
I love it.

Yaaa some time v put a show boy boys

Yaaa right..

i love sexy round *****..........let me see her

The *** is where its at man!!