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My Wife Has Real Big Nipples

I met my current wife 25 years ago. Back then she was a big women and had some big ******* ****. I admired them silently for years and years. We were friends. I lost track of her after they changed churchs, and didn't see her for around 10 years.  then I was having a **** party, and negligee party, when low and behold, she had come to check things out with a couple I knew, with whom I was ******* his wife. Sometimes by myself, sometimes together, we would both **** the **** out of her. Well thats another story. 

I was on the computer while my girlfriends, I had 3 living with me at the time, run the nightgown part of the party. Soon I was told, I had a friend there that reconized me by my family pics. I went to see who it was, and it was becky, my old friend. She had lost 100 lbs, and was looking fine. WE hugged and kissed, and were both suppriced to see each other at such a event.  I got rather excited and told her I would show her the house. So I took her up to my bedroom and we started makeing out, soon I had her top off, and damn, there was the biggest set of nipples I had ever seen on a woman. Her breast were around a 32 C then, very nice, shapely and a full hand full, but her nipples were huge and i was so turned on, I played with her **** and sucked her nipples, for along time, Next thing I knew she filled her pants with squirt and ***, and was beathing heavily. Since then, I have been a big nipple fan, and now seek out women with bigger than average nipples to **** when i go to a gang bang or group **** party.  I just love good sized **** now with big nipples. Tune in for the rest of the story.  

polycplseeking polycplseeking 41-45, M Mar 3, 2010

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