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Love To Watch Men Look At Her Big Boobs!

I like to sit back and watch men looking at my wife's big ****.Some don't even try to hide it. When she bends over, they immediately try to look down her blouse. She wears low cut blouses to accentuate her large ****. The cleavage view is hot and her bras allow them to spill out, making the nipples visible. I tried to get her open nippled or shelf bras. Not enough support for 38 ddd's. She likes to tease men with them, leaning over and then catching them looking. Even making sure they're hanging out and then lean over in front of her boss. He loves to look and even tries to see up her skirt, and has succeeded several times.

When she was younger, she'ld go out with a see thru blouse or teddy. They lined up to look at them! Big **** are the best!

xlntluvr4u xlntluvr4u 41-45, M 11 Responses Mar 26, 2010

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My wife has sensational breasts and loves to be watched. We went to a Rick concert and she wore a lace top without a bra - totally see-through. Wow, did THAT get attention!

We also walk on the beach, usually around dusk when it isn't too dark to see. Last time, she was in just the right mood as her big, bouncing breasts were getting attention from the right mix of young studs. So, she just decided to take her top off. There we were, walking on the beach, that topless rack getting great looks. She loved the attention and so did I!

I wear a Triple D cup, and I love to show them off! They are so big I can and do suck them myself! I also love to suck **** while having my ******* ****** at the same time! Your story gets me wet!

Friend me and see them for yourself!

add me please. Need to *** on your wifes *** pics! thanks loads! Joe. .

I'm the same way my friend. My wife has 32F's and I love when people stare at them; men and women. She says that she notices more women staring at her boobs than men. She even wants them bigger. Let's hope they get bigger after she has our children. I new I wasn't the only one who was a proud husband.

I.D. theft was not a problem. Not being able to control who saw the pics was the problem. I'm hopeful I can convince her to post again. No face, just body.

When she found her nudes on here, she went ballistic....but I'm working on it!

wish i could find women that would not mind if i looked.. all i get is look at my eyes not my boobs! why is that?? you are very lucky.

wish i could find women that would not mind if i looked.. all i get is look at my eyes not my boobs! why is that?? you are very lucky.

My wife has a lovely pair of 40E's and almost always wears tops to show them off ,but she never admits that she loves guys to look and ogle those massive jugs ,but I know better and have seen her when she thinks I'm not looking allowing other guys to have a quick grope of them ! But it's ok coz I'm the one that gets slide my **** between her baby oiled breasts and *** on them ! But I must admit sometimes I imagine those guys who get the quick grope going further.....alot further !

Oh, she knows all right. Unfortunately she will not allow any of her pictures, without or with clothes, public or private, with or without her face to go on the least not yet. I haven't given up trying to talk her into it.

I love a woman who likes showing her **** in public. Congrats on your luck. BTW, my wife is a 40ddd and she wears a 40dd shelf bra. Becuase it is a little on the small size, we like it even more. We found it by googling "shelf bra 40dd." Surprisingly it does have enough support.