Show Off My Gaping *****.

 I have to keep it clean shaven so others can see my hole when I gape. When I ***** and the other men are watching me and looking at my swollen gaping *****, I get so wet. Keeping it shaved makes it e-zer to see and the attention makes my hole hang open nicely. It is his "trophy *****" and he loves it when it hangs open for others to see. Then I get to have all the **** I want and they get to see me get fisted before it is all over. Most have never seen a fisted *****. They can take turns doing it if they want as long as they don't hurt me. My boyfriend loves it as much as I do.

pussygirl1957 pussygirl1957
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16 Responses May 1, 2010

I'd love to see

i would love to see your *****

unreal! where you been all my life? I love a gaping hole and love to fist! lucky sob your man is!

Would love to stretch out your hole even more and see a fist in there

yurns me on at the thought of it. would love to watch and take part in your fistig sessions. my wife is nearly streched to the point that i can do her so love gaping ******.

Let's see that gaping hole, ****!

We would get along just fine

i would be interested in seeing some pics of your well used *** filled *****

Wonderful stories my dear... love your gape, love to help you out if you are ever looking for one more to join you!!

You have a wonderful gape sweetie your pics are wonderful but I bet you look even better in real life! I'd love to fist your **** any day of the week!!!!

Hmmmmm I'd love to be one of those guys fist ******* your stretched *****!

I would love to know where i can view it

I am so happy that you like to show it ,because I love looking at it .I love loose gapeing ***** especially with *** dripping out.

Susan? Is that you?

Sign me up!

Love to enjoy being your cleanup man.