What Did I Do This Time???

never in my life did i feel this way about a guy especially a guy i never met face to face. he was sweet and nic esmart latino and he had the sexiest voice and when he told em that he loved me it mad me feel like i was special. but the thing that i didnt know was that he was playin me the whole time. when my best friend told me i stood up for him i believed him i told all my friends to go to hell for him.i used to have this cellphone but i texted him all the time my parents told me not to text but that was the only time i can talk to him and it was at school so i spent all that money and lost my phone for him i lost a bunch of my frinds cuz i thought what he was telling me was the truth. but when i found out was not when his boi told me but when my friend lent me her phone to text me but since im nosy i was going there her messages and there it was the will you go out wit me text that he sent to my friend. and she responded with a yes so the whole time i felt like fool. and the end i lost him so he can be with this other girl. and i had to begg my friends to take me back. but since that day i have wanted to get him back for what he did so one day i skiped with my friend to show him that he will never do that again and especially not to me. again it didnt go as planned i got cought, punished,suspendid,and he didnt even show. when i text him he didnt answered when i called i got the busy tone. so since then i gave up and all im waiting for is the next step.
cu64nit4 cu64nit4
18-21, F
Jun 4, 2007