My Puppy

I have a Female Yellow Lab her name is Jessie. We have had her sence she was about 6 weeks old and she turned 2 in april. She is my second lab but first yellow. My first one was a black lab when i was like 6. Her name was Molly and she was stolen from us and it seemed like a part of me was missing tell we got our new 1 which has been like 14 years so it been awhile. Jessie was a little bit of a suprise. We found her, somebody had dumped her off to die. Me being the person i am can't stand it when i see an animal in trouble. I took her home and she was a perfect angel from the beginning. After getting her it was like a that part of me that was missing came back.I wasso excited to finially have a dog of my own. I love her and would never let anything happened to her. She was the best dog to train she learnt quick and we never had to potty train her.She knows most of the basic commonds like sit, lay,stay, heel, and we are working on roll over. Jessie has the best personally. I love it!! She is calm and sooo nice. I would let anyone's kids around her and i would not worry at all. I have a cousin who is five and Jessie has always been really good with her. I have never seen or heard her grawl at someone for doing something. We baby her alittle but thats what dogs are for. She has her own bed in my room so she can sleep with me. Jessie is just the perfect dog i know what my next dog will be. She is now about 81 pounds so she is a big girl but by no means overweight. I am a really active person so i take her with me Running and stuff like that and also we feed her own the best food we can. I am working on getting her use to riding in cars so we can go everything togather. I love more than anything in the world. I would never let anything happen to her. As i said before i love her alot.I hope everyone has the chance to own a lab!! You will not be disappointed. As i said she mean so much too me!!!!!!
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thecowtamer thecowtamer
18-21, M
Sep 11, 2012