Go Scorpios and Snakes!

 My Western Zodiac is Scorpio, and my Eastern is the Snake! They both fit me so well, and I love studying all I can about both signs.
    I love studying the zodiac and astrology period. It just so interesting to me when I really find the similarities in someone's personality and their zodiac sign!
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4 Responses Sep 4, 2007

I'm a Pisces/Dragon :3

snakes rock im a snake too im a cancer -shy and nutty but the snake in me makes me confident and sane whenever im feeling cancerish i remember that im a snake too and everythings okay.

I like learning about that stuff too. Sometimes it's uncanny how accurate it is. My sun sign is Capricorn, my moon sign is Libra & my rising sign is Aries. As for the Asian zodiac, some charts tell me Rooster, some tell me Monkey

I'm also a scorpio snake. 26 October 1977. I was very fortunate to spend part of the year of the snake in Taiwan. Unfortunately I don't know much about the signs.<br />
Anyway, my only brother is 12 years younger than me and he is also a scorpio snake. How cool is that?