I Know I Am Strange...

I am one of the very few and strange people who you might have the opportunity to meet in real life who feel comfortable in my own skin.

I love myself even when others have put me down, try to control,demean and disrespect me. Maybe I have realized that I love myself MORE when others have treated me so badly; I figured if I didn't love myself, who would?

It's true. I like who I am. I love being me. I don't care what anyone else thinks. I have even had several people in my life tell me so, TO MY FACE. About 15 years ago, a coworker said "I don't like you"...I responded "I am not here for you to like me. I like me and that is all that really matters. I don't care whether you like me or not; it doesn't break my heart or ruin by day". In other words, GET OVER YOURSELF and your importance in my life; the ONLY one who is TRULY important in my life is ME. ( I was not married nor had a child then, happily single)

Several years before that, a very important person in my life said "I know people who don't like you" and to that I responded "really?...well, I LIKE ME and if I weren't me I think I would like to know me"...I know, it sounds either narcissistic or proud and I don't feel that or mean to convey that message at all. I am neither Narcissistic or proud; I am a realist and a REAL PERSON. 

If you don't like me,
I feel sorry for you, you are missing out on an interesting, loving and fun person to know.

If you know me,
you either love me because I remind you of what and who YOU
are hate me because I am a constant reminder of what YOU ARE NOT and who you would really like to be.

Either way, I love me and it is true. 
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

Thank you for your wise post. I feel better just reading it. I like me too. We are both precious. You are not narcissistic, too proud, too full of yourself or selfish. You are insightful, truthful and caring. <br />
<br />
What is it Ghandi said?<br />
<br />
When communicating with others your words should be "True, kind and necessary"..

Thanks for the wonderful explanatory reply.Yes, it is truly WORTH the time and effort to KNOW and LOVE ourselves. A deliberate search for authenticity and genuineness is usually fulfilled in self-acceptance; the pre-requisite for love. I have many very dear, genuine and loving friends; birds of a feather...

I like your story. I think if you love yourself others will love you too. But don't overdo to the stage that it gets to arrogance. In our lives we meet people who like us and some who don't like us. You can't please everyone so you gotta please yourself. And those who like you for who you are and how you are, are worth having as friends, those who don't like you, well they are just not worth having as friends so you haven't missed anything. Stay the way you are and you will meet genuine friends who like you for who and what you are. If you have to change your character so that they will like you, then you are not you anymore but somebody else.