My Happiness Has To Come First

So many times, a new dawning of awareness, an eye opening experience happens and we see the reality of our situations.
We see that we have put others survival and happiness ahead of our own, sometimes to our own detriment.
You have to get tired of being sick and tired - so that you will put a stop to it! You gotta put yourself first and know that you deserve it.
Why stay in a situation of helping someone when you resent it so much, maybe cant stand to even be around that family member or friend? It is because of that horrible condition called, "guilt".
Other people may not understand the entire situation and so the hell what! It gets to a point you gotta let people think what they will. Will they not all be better off if you stop the charade now? Yes!
No reason to be angry at them - You are the one that allowed this to happen. So, be calm and start heading towards what you want and need in life.
If people around you are poisonous, you must leave the situation so that you can be who you are wanting to be, and it isnt to be a servant to another human being to make their lives easier. Take care of your self!
On the same note, don't look to others to make your life what you want either! Others can enhance our lives but they shouldnt be the whole world to us either, catering entirely to our needs.
If you are not atleast 70% happy with your relationships with others - Then get out! At the same time, realize that you may be the one that needs to change your mind and view - you may be the cause of the bad relationship as well! Kim
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Aiyana, I don't know that someone enlightened me, but yes, my life events as of late are the eye opening event. And it isnt the first time I have put someone else before me. The night I wrote this was when I stopped being the one responsible for my fathers survival of his diabetes. I took responsibility about 3 months ago and his health improved beyond belief. 4 times a day I would sit with him and guide him with drawing his blood and deciding how much insulin. I would get up at 5am. When I took over, he was having severe anxiety and he was so miserable with worry about messing up. Well, the day I took over he was about to take 18 units of a certain insulin instead of 6. It would have killed him. I don't deal well with this kind of pressure, keeping him alive etc. I was only going to live here with them a short time. My spirit longs for a small shack/cabin in the wilderness..Then I can write and help many (If they wish to listen) And most importantly - I am a sensitive, people can be so poisonous to me you have no idea! There is much more to this story but for now, I have decided to take care of my anxiety and panic disorder that has been brought on from the pressure - not to mention the fact that I cant stand the sight of blood, and for taking care of my dad, I have watched him draw his blood about 400 times. I think I have done enough. Besides that, his energy as a person does not agree with mine either. It is just a bad situation. In the end he is responsible for his life and I am responsible for mine.

That is very true. Did someone recently inspire you to this enlightenment?

I think you make perfectly good sense to me! Those are very wise words to live by .

WooHoo! I am a speaker of wisdom!!! Helden said so!!!!! LMAO - Kim

Yes indeedy,, and you know my seal of approval means a lot !! ;)

Hey, where is my fricken comments? LMAO - Just kidding - I dont look to others to make me happy and yet, I do like a comment or two when I am making total sense! Please lavish me with praise or critical review, either way - I am happy that 21 people were interested in reading this! That makes me happy as well. Just dont be shy when it comes to comments - unless you are like me on occasion and something a friend writes is so horrid that it is better to pretend you didnt see it at all. Guffaw! Kim