Their Guide To Raise Self Esteem

Step One : Love yourself and others will begin to love you

Translation : You only have yourself


Step Two : Make yourself likeable

Translation : If you are not the ideal person, you will not be happy


Step Three : Think before you speak

Translation : No one wants to hear what you have to say, so just shut up

Step Four : Think before you act

Translation : Let the people who are "better" than you take the cake, you don't deserve it even if you're starving

Step Five : Try to do the "right" thing

Translation : We all know that you are going to over dose on morphine one day, just don't hurt us "normal" "happy" people and we'll go to your funeral and say it was unexpected


Summary : You will be a happier person in a few weeks if you follow these simple steps and will no longer need me!

Translation : Stop coming to my office until you get plastic surgery, figure out what gender you are, start conforming or, better yet, die.

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Mar 6, 2010