Love Does Matters..

hi. just some thoughts.   some says, don't be selfish. some says, hey, loving yourself is more important than anything else. i agree..cos loving myself makes me treats myself better, and i always look from the good and bad sides before doing something. i love myself, so i give myself chances to be better, and to have everything that i deserve. i love myself, so i treat everyone around me well, so that i wont regret anything when problems arises, cos then i know that i have done the right thing. i'm not always right anyway, but i'm never wrong.
hazsha hazsha
18-21, F
3 Responses May 30, 2007

I think that you are on the road you should love youself I love myself there's no one else that will truly love u like u will so I Agree!

i'm glad that u love urself, i'm still learning how to do that .... yikes, and since u love urself, try to put your feelings about your family on the backburner!!

that's great!!!!