It Took Me Years, But Today...

„You should be grateful that I am with you, because nobody wants you!“
„You are so ugly that you should be ashamed to go out!“
I was young when I met the man who said those words to me, he made me feel ugly and worthless. I remember that I would walk looking at the floor, so nobody could se my face and I would wear long shirts to go to the beach. It was the time I felt worthless and didn’t love myself.
Yes, this was a long time ago...
Some obstacles of my life was not easy for me to get where I am today, I fought for what I believed, had perseverance, hope and courage. I have learned, maybe in a worse form, to be what I am today, someone persistently who faced everything without looking back, unafraid of changes, nor of the future. I am not saying that I have no fears, I have, and they are not few, but I „omit“ them. I try to face them, I don’t let them be an obstacle, nor let anybody to put me down like in my young age.
It took me years, but today...
I can look in the mirror and I don’t feel fat or ugly, but beautiful.
I have learned to be true to myself and dream big.
I smile, cry and don't omit anything of what I feel or who I am.
I see what is good for me, in the people who wish me well.
I can face the challenges of life, win or lose.
I go after my goals and my dreams.
I have joy and peace in my life.
I found the real me
and I love myself.
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8 Responses Jan 22, 2011

Just reading the first little bit of this could have been written by my own hand!! I have had those EXACT words spoken over me!! Thank u.

It takes great courage to share this inspiring story.Blessings my dear friend.

What a tribute to your strength Tender ....that you rose above his destructive words.<br />
Even more, that you are a light here at EP, always lifting others. Hugs.

Heya BB! We gravitate to the same, my friend. <br />
TEP Kudos to you for figuring out early that he was full of ****! <br />
We are born with a sense of the tremendous worth and the possibilities we have been endowed with. But then we start listening to some damaged individual who had his stolen from him, and is trying to get our share. You truly ARE fabulous, and I don't mean that in a frivolous way. I am coming back into my own. I'm receiving confirmations of my worth and power and immense wisdom that is just part of me. I am a complete believer in the FACT that ALL my experiences have shaped and formed me. IF I choose to take responsibility for my reactions to those experiences, to make them vehicles of healing, courage, learning, caring; I am worthwhile, valuable, wise and beautiful. You have done this! And you are sharing your wisdom. You are giving healing and courage and worthiness and blessings to all who come here. Bless you. X@

A hard journey through the cruelty of others but you persevered. The beauty within in you outshines all of that and you believe in yourself. That is why you are such an inspiration to others.<br />

This is a wonderful story. I heard tose words myself " nobody wants you" and know how destructive they are and how much conscious effort it takes to stop believing in them because they don't really metter. All that matters is that you want you, you love you. And there is so much to love :)

Good for you. I am glad you are not in that old place.

*big hugs*u r a wonderful person tp.♥