Why So Serious Eh?

When i came to EP i was a hearbroken boy, just out of the 3 month long hibernate mode, n was simply looking for a quiet place with some sensible people to start my recovery.
I had never been so sad prior to this. Well, there used to be few down moments and whenever i bumped into them, i used to counter them by throwing a grand party at my place. The bigger the issue the crazier the party. And that's how i used to forget about such things and move on.

But this time it was different. A nail was hammered right though my head!
My brain was stuck at one point. For months.
I had lost all my excitement and energy.

slowly my hibernated mind started gaining consciousness. It started trying, to bring me back to life. Initial tries were weak and short lived. but its my conscious.... its stubborn. So it persisted. And finally, one day.... in that one moment, suddenly it struck me.... everything became crystal clear... And just like that in one flash that entire phase got over. (You can read my confession for further insight)
I went out that day...after months... and man, i felt so incredible!
i was talking to people with the same energy. My excitement was back! My mind was free of all the BS. I wanted to shout out and declare "I am back *******!" and that's exactly what i did. 

In all these months i have realized many valuable facts about relationships- something that was pretty much an unexplored territory till now.
And now, i have better interactions. I utilize my time better. And, I strictly dont entertain any stupid people around me anymore.

But its also made me more humble towards people going through tough times.
I am glad to have found myself back.
And now i help others achieving the same.

I am also very thankful to EP and all the people who interacted with me. all your lovely words helped me overcome that silly barrier i had in my brain.

When you're going through a rough time.... it might seem a complete end, and u might even think of yourself as a complete failure. But trust me guys... this is just a phase. And this too shall pass. It always does. Just give it some time... don't lose hope. You know very well that the night is the darkest just before the day breaks!
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5 Responses Apr 30, 2012

I feel I can relate to this story so much. I'm just getting out of a hibernating period also and I'm slowly starting to learn how beautiful the world is again. I'm so happy and thankful to be in a better place. I still have some work to do but the progress I've made in the past month has been so amazing considering where my mind has been at for so long.
Your story helps me to remember that I need to keep going and not let myself get bogged down again.

Liked your concluding point. Absolutely agree :-)

this too shall pass- the advice a great teacher gave to me years ago. she was right.

i dont know how many times i must have said that to myself. n now finally it has passed.

hey dis one is really some kind of putting things to my head!!!!!i too smtym feel deserted....left one and i wanna moarn...still i behod myself like ya do jus to put me at ease :)))

Know what was weird, I was just listening to this song that has a perfect line to describe your ending statement, "it's always darkest before the dawn"<br />
Glad to see your back to yourslef :)

and thanks :)