I Love Myself...

i seem especially beautiful to myself sometimes... i am in awe of myself... i admire myself... not always mind you... some days i wake up and look like - and than others... as beautiful as a dream... i live on all sides of the spectrum my love (sorry i am talking to someone who isn't here) and yes i do talk to my self too (on occasions. who doesn't? don't act like it's so strange)

(i'm not sure if i should use then or than here... i am a bit confused... maybe when i wake up latter my mind will clear. ttyl) :D *sigh* nm i put then... i had originally put than and thought to myself. no. that's not correct. :P (i'm indulging you in a conversation of reason with myself. please excuse this pointless chatter of continuos nonsense which is my life... *sigh* go on now...)) 

i shall wrap you in a web of beauty... clear as crystal. as beautiful as the dew on the spiders path... spun across yours. in the early morn... it glitters in the light. (please excuse me as i am in an overly emotionally expressive mood of deep sentiments over my distant love and it is causing me to act all poetic like) i should get out of bed and get dressed. maybe that will stop this nonsense... my other love (my warm soft cotton blankets (i mean my sheets... they just don't make them like this anymore... soft knit cotton. like a hanes t-shirt (yes they were hanes sheets. if you find then for sale anywhere please notify me at once! I need them... these ones are falling apart. *sigh*))

anyway. i gotta get up... please do go away *sigh* (yes it is normal for me to be so far off the point. notice the content of this story has nothing to do with the group with which it is listed under. or does it?) this is me... off the point and full of gibberish... so Far off *sigh* ttyl... *smiles softly* (slightly) *grins* (ok stop talking Lig. Sheesh!) :D hahahaha (yes i forget to add that. i am a bit insane. have you noticed? you will, eventually. (if you haven't already) ok enought with the () already... Bye. (smh) miss ya aliyah... where are you? 

PS: on third thought i put the "than" back... it seems more fitting to be like that somehow.
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May 18, 2012