Love Yourself Inorder To Love Someone Else...

Find peace within yourself.

Learn to love yourself. Note I said LEARN. It just doesn't come naturally. Having a partner is a lot of responsibility. You cannot just expect to have someone to lean on, the question is, can they lean on you? That's really what a relationship is all about, wanting to be there for someone, loving them so much that you want to alleviate THEIR suffering, and not just your own. It's a two way street a relationship. Can you give as good as you can get? If you think you have nothing to give maybe you need to ask yourself why. And if you have something to give (not just sex), you need to place value upon that. That is how you come to know your worth.

If you are loving you should know that you deserve someone who can love you back, if you are giving you should give to someone who you know can give you back. If you are honest and trustworthy you should give that trust to someone who you know you can trust and be honest with and someone who will be honest with you in return. It is the journey of knowing and loving yourself for who you truly are.

The knowing in itself is quite a huge task. And the loving is another. Get those two things together and you will start to shine brighter than the moon and the stars (a bit dramatic there I know. Sorry).

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You apologize for being dramatic like it was a bad thing. Silly Scorp.<br />
<br />
Well done piece. Vignette is right; you're pretty smart for such a young whippersnapper. :-D

Just smart M? I'll take that. :-) Thank you very much

You need to learn to be the type of person you want to have.

I agree.