D Only Daughter

'girl, you should have evrything you desire... in a twist of the second you could get everything in front of you.....'
this is most probably d annoying words i heard from my friends who just have moved in to my life........i accept dis thought radically henceforth.......
what comes across and hurts me more is jus hear dis out
'oh...jus yu???
-no sons?????
-maybe ur mum cant giv it???
-yu need to have a brother!!dint ya talk dis to ur mum ??'
this is d most disgusting way insulting me and my mum and dad..these are d words i *** across when i go back to my neighbours on special ocassions they call it a feast to enjoy....but infact dese sour words really makes me feel unlucky...
moreover,everywhere yu go yu find just obligations..... yu think 'm their only daughter so i need to do things right not for me but jus for their name...whenever i try to enjoy,it feels like they are there watching me just thinking i'd be with them... so all my whims go in vain ,n jus like a poor puppy i *** home waving at them with smile......
life doesnt at all tymes go so smoothly.....smtymes in life yu hab to do things which yu dont like to do really....... last year,i gave engineering exam.... 'm kinda gross yu know why.....studyin aint my favorite but still i topped somehow...its not i read it by hARD but luk does favors things sometymes......but to my disguise,.....i dint get my name published in scholarship to study engineering..
dat night was the worst nightmare...i looesed all contacts from my friends.......deactivated my social networking ......n i cried soo hard...i nearly ended my breathe there almost.....but coz i have known i was their only child...i cudnt spare my life dis way..... i lived dominated each day each second...realizing how i failed to giv things to my mum and dad...i know at my front they cuddled up on me make me fly...but i know how it feels like not giving up to their expectiationss
...but heyy people hear dis 'm doing enginnering in private college then...smtymes when i recall dose my heart felels heavy still i try to think optimisticallyy coz they say 'when yu see a half filled glass...dont see d empty half...jus see d part filled and say yu got sth in it '
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ya same goes with me....but it dint ended up

same goes with me girl. i am also the single child and i go through the same phase always.

wow...i really wanna know yu more :)

ya sure ;)

I used to be the only daughter, but it came to an end after I reached 12.... And when I was the only one, my relatives used to bug my mom by saying that she should have a boy anyhow! I hated them so much....

hmm but still yu hav a brother nen its oky :)...but me!!!i regret often

thankyu :)

You are welcome :)

Well, that's good, and nice story btw.