I Have The Right To Be Me.

No matter what anyone saids, thinks or does ...I have the righ to be me. I am a beautiful person that deserves the best this life has to offer. I have the right to go out and work for what I desire and obtain it. As I look in the mirror I see a beautiful lady that enjoys life and people. It is my right not to be around those that want to cause me harm or bring me down. It is my right to have perfect health, it is my right to earn as much money as I am worth and that is a lot! It is my right to live and let live, to help others when I can and to accept help should I ever need it. I love myself. I make room for others in this life just as I expect others to make room for me. When I meditate I see only the best for myself and others. I go with the natural flow of life. Life Is Wonderful.
candihat candihat
51-55, F
3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Beautifully said, if one can't love one how could one love the other

Very well said. You not only have the right, but it is also your obligation to live the best life possible, for you and others around you. I find it very refreshing to hear from someone who is living a good life.

excellent. i'm STILL working on "loving myself". i'm going to copy what you wrote and say it each day to myself AND BELIEVE IT! thanks so much!