Dear Me

Dear me, dear me,
what have you done?
falling down,
landing hard,
on the concrete floor of depression,
beating yourself up,
with the bludgeons of self-hate,
killing yourself slowly,
dragging out what you convince yourself you want,
when you and I both know that's not where your answers lie,
dear me, dear me,
what am I to do with you?
what am I to do,
with this build-up of sadness,
this body of scars,
and this head full of wrong,
thinking and being,
playing and losing,
doing it all wrong.
dear me, dear me,
what is left to lose?
the answer is you.
Dear me, I'm glad you're there,
I just want to apologize,
but there's nothing left for me to offer,
stand up,
dust off,
there is more to live for,
and more to accomplish,
just go on,
go on,
go on,
just do it.
I know you well,
and I know you can do it.
There is one last thing to say,
dear me,
don't forget,
never forget,
that I love you,
and there is nothing more you need to be,
except you.
fadingvioletdawn fadingvioletdawn
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 23, 2012

So sweet to write about yourself like this. The apologizing part I loved. Stay strong sweetie.