What I Love About Myself

What I love about myself?
Hm... if you would ask me that last year I would probably say: nothing,I hate myself. But I changed. I love my hair. It can be straight or curly. After 2 weeks it still looks like a day after washing it. I will probably love my arms and stomach after I finish insanity. And I love my back (I will give you picture;) And I love my big brown eyes. I love my fashion style and most people say I am funny and cool person. I love how after just one reading of a good quote, i remember it. Because of that, I can play smart when my friends have a problem so I start telling them good quotes ;) What else? Hm... I love how patient I am and I love how I love helping people. There is nothing prettier than a smile on someones face after helping him/her. I love how determined I am. I love how I always believe something god will happen after all. I love being positive. I love giving my best.

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I love your eyes!

I am very happy to tell you how many things we have in common. You love to help people and so do I. The most important thing in my opinion is when I (or anybody else) can help them by listening to them. They can have big problems, troubles, have losed a relative or just need to talk to somebody. For them it is very important to find somebody they can trust to in order to be able to open their heart as we use to say. There is no need to say anything just listen to them.

You're beautiful. And amazing too.

You are a kind person...

Yeah....Nice Story makes me want to know you more....

Good story! Happy to hear that you are starting to love yourself. As an earlier poster said: we love you just the way you are! And, yes, you WILL change some as you continue to age (there's no getting around that....age happens).

I loved your story....The world needs more people like you. Hey! I like your hair, too....Not to come across like too much of a perv but I'd like to just hold you close and tangle my fingers in those corls...

and also we love you just te way you are

You are very Beautiful!!!

Hiya doin.
Just to say that I love everything about you!And I would love to be younger!
Experience is wasted on the old!
Be good but not that good! X