I Love Me With All My Heart. Me Quiero Mucho!

I used to hate myself so bad I wanted to kill myself and almost did. I hated myself because my brother convinced me that I was stupid, worthless, and that I ruined his life.

But I got a therapist in December, worked hard, and now I can honestly say I love myself with all my heart. :D Con todo mi corazon.

Here's a list of why I love myself:

1. I'm smart.

2. I overcame so much.

3. I have a beautiful heart.

4. I want to make my mommy proud and happy.

5. I'm silly and dorky.

6. I trip a lot.

7. I embarrass myself often, but it's cute.

8. I'm cute.

9. My body is awesome!

10. I'm a good friend.

11. I'm a good daughter.

12. I'm gonna make the world a better place. I know this deep inside my heart, I'm going to help people.

13. I dress well.

14. I love to laugh.

15. I love to smile.

16. I love to donate money.

17. I love to compliment people.

18. I am a happy person.

okay... I'm tired. I just want to clarify, I'm not conceded, because I know there a lot of beautiful people around me. Not on the outside, because duh. But there are many girls who are beautiful on the inside. Especially my best friends. My mom. Linda. So many people. So many good hearts. Someday I'm going to convince them that they're beautiful. They're blind now, but I'm going to help them see. :D

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Thank you moejoe. :)

Fantastic, Minnie! Good for you. It is truly all about how you see yourself. If you love who you are, nothing can stand in your way. Sorry that your brother was such an *******. But it's brilliant that you figured out he was the cause of your selfloathing so young. Most people go their whole lives thinking they don't deserve to be happy.

Thank you! :D

You got good reasons to love yourself