Let's Love Ourselves More

Hi everyone!

I just want to know what makes you feel good about yourself. What do you like most about yourself?

List at least 7 things that you like about yourself be it a trait or in your physical appearance.

Let us enjoy ourselves, know more about ourselves, and celebrate what God has given us. We are unique and we are all beautiful!

Here are the things that i like about myself:

1.) I am non-judgmental. I don't make conclusions right away. I always give the benefit of the doubt and hear both sides of the story.

2.)  I don't say mean things to other people or any hurtful words that i may regret especially when i am angry. I believe it's best to let your anger subside before you open your mouth.

3.) I only listen and take advice from credible people or those who have been in the same situation and managed to overcome any obstacles. I choose whom to believe and whom not to believe while being rational.

4.) I am proud of myself because inspite of the absence of my parents during my teanage years, i was able to graduate from college, i was never a part of peers with bad influence, i was never involved in cigarettes, alcohol, sex and drugs. I never thought of being deliquent.

5.) I am tall enough for a woman (5'4") and i love my height.

6.) I love the fact that i have self-discipline....in eating, in indulgences, in being a citizen of my country....i have self-discipline everywhere.

7.) I try to stay in shape, i try to look pretty for myself and for my husband because i don't want to look like a stressed out mom and wife.

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