It Is The Key

You must love yourself before learning to love others so you can love others and yourself. Love is really the meaning of life. Love is much harder to accomplish and keep. We are all looking for a sign telling us we are okay. I am here now to tell you it is okay to love yourself even if your wrong and even if you have hurt people. You need to know you matter. You are important and this stranger wants you to know I salute you in learning to love yourself.

It is extremely hard to look yourself in the face and say you are not perfect, you are not innocent but you are surviving and tomorrow will be beater than today.


I love myself and I know I am going to change the world. Just remember I wrote this and one day you will see.

Pass the LOVE, it's really all we've got.

oxygenhasflaws oxygenhasflaws
18-21, F
4 Responses Oct 15, 2009

Enjoy the meaning and remember you are doing alright for yourself! I am just here to be the sign that people tend to be waiting for. I am here now.<br />
You are okay. Just keep swimming swimming swimming....:) even if you'll forget this soon-at least I affected your present reality.<br />
Pass the LOVE, It's all we've really got.

You are so right. Take care. stefdude.

am happy to read that,thanks for the courage

oxygenhasflaws, this is so inspiring and I recommend this. I am encouraged. I should read more of your posts. It brightens my day.