Learn To Love Thyself First.

Dear all fellow lovers of yourselves,

I want to share with you my story about why I love myself.  Okay here it goes:

I am one those few girls in class who doesn't glance at every guy just to get asked out or talk **** just because every one else in class does. People call me everything from introvert, head strong, extrovert (?), smart, curt, narcissitic, etc.

I was heavy (fat if it so pleases you) in my younger years, carried away often and not the stereo-typical hot girl. However, I have grown right out of it. With a story ranging from personal drama (drugs.....), family drama(dad's surgery, conservative household, temper issues in family....), tragedy with my friends(her mum expired lately), I have seen an awful lot. Despite all of this I continued living even though I could sometimesbe overwhelmed with these things!

This led to an extended period of depression when I decided that I am going to draw the line and turn things around for me!!

The point I am trying to make is that I moved out of it all and beautifully. I lost 20 ponuds of weight and I look very good(acc. to me) :), write well, study well and also when I upset I look inwards, toward myself and not friends. I read a lot and am very knowledgeable and do not date(personal choice). I feel soooo good about it.

I realized that all of us will always have one person to truly care about us, who'll know what to say when and how. If you still haven't guessed, IT'S US. Look inside and you'll see the fantastic person so make yourself worth all good things in life! read books which help you, uplift you, go for a walk alone(at times), sing and dance in your own company! Love yourself to love the world around.

When I am really upset, I send myself text messages (funny, eh?) , read , sing, work out and if then I want to go out with my family/friends!! I write poems and inspirational quotes. I reaffirm to myself often. It gets better everyday. i ahve decided that each day is going to be better than the previous one and try to make it happen.

I was one of those world haters who is finally at peace with the world. So I just love being me! I love the look I get from guys that says 'I like you but I know can't have you'. That's right! It'll take someone truly special to get me!

For all of this who even remotely relate to this, remember that you are the closest friend you'll ever have. No secrets, whatsoever! So Good luck, plunge head strong into the world and smile for being you. Everyday! Say it out loud, I LOVE ME!!!!!!

Lots of love to all of you,

Keep loving yourself,


shelly31 shelly31
18-21, F
4 Responses Dec 1, 2009

Sounds like you can look but you'll never get a date ever ever ever, strange.

you're awesome!

thanks! :)