I spent 30 minutes looking at myself from toes to head today. I mean, really looking. My feet never looked so cute, my legs so sexy, my curves womanly, my breasts small but awesome, my lips thin but kissable, my nose round and adorable and my eyes, oh my eyes sparkled. This was the very first time I was able to look into my eyes and told myself:

Jamuna, I forgive you. I accept all your faults and the mistakes you've made. You are wonderful and I love you.

It was a little uncomfortable but I felt so touched. I've never thought that my soul was this beautiful. I think I just fell in love with me.

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3 Responses Apr 18, 2010

Very inspirational post : )

I had an experience like that onetime but then I lost the feeling later. Maybe I need to try that again.

Wow, well you have to love yourself, to love others,...enjoyed this story...I mean that, made me smile my friend:)