Hello, My Name Is Katie and I Am a Myspace Addict

It started about 3 monthes ago when a friend asked mr if I myspace. I had heard of it of course but I had never tried it out. Now I am hooked! It is so much fun to talk with all my friends. Get a glimse into their lives by looking at their pictures and find some of my old classmates from high school that I havent talked to in almost 10 years. It does control my life sometimes. I check it in the morning. Have my IM on all day. And first thing after work I run to my computer. But I guess it is an ok addiction to have if I have to have one.

It is nice to share my pictures of my kids with my brother who lives outta state too.

allyKat allyKat
26-30, F
May 21, 2007