The Death Of The Beautiful Ancient Land Of Scotia (Eire, Ireland)

It is not easy watching everything you loved so dearly dying before your eyes, I am talking about a land that was so special and magical and absolutely steeped in culture and tradition that it was the wonder and envy of the World. We look at Ireland today and how much it has changed it in the space of 10 years, this is a testament to the ability of the global village fundementalists and their Irish allies to completely destroy a culture that has existed for  thousands of years and survived in spite of repeated attempts at its destruction . You must accept that Ireland is now a multcultural country you hear the global village fascist's cry, even though they only represent around 15 to 20 percent of the population, we must change our education system to represent this they cry as they ban all religious icons associated with Christianity because they are offensive to the new Irish, do we now cover up the ancient Celtic high crosses that have been the wonder and envy of the World in in case they cause offense. The ancient Gaelic language is the next target for the fascist's, it is a dead useless language they say, better to learn Mandarin because the Chinese are such a World power now, however I do not hear them condeming the Chinese for their ancient Culture, if we had French or German we could attract more investment into Ireland they shout as we create jobs for people who can speak these languages and import more foriegners into Ireland with Irish taxpayers money, meanwhile the native Irish emigrate in their tens of thousands watching as they leave the arrivals gate teeming with people from every corner of the planet. One social welfare office in Dublin had 137 differant nationalities claiming benefits paid with money borrowed from Europe that will take three generations of people to repay the loans. Crime is now rampant in a Country that was noted for the half door with the top half always open to the neighbours, now people stay indoors petrified as Irish criminals merge with eastern European gangs sporting their newly imported weaponry actively murdering each other in broad daylight, of course no form of protection is available to the ordinary people of Ireland with even pepper spray and tasers banned so all they can do is pray that they are not the next victim of these thugs. Society is breaking down on a massive scale as people lose their sense of identity replacing their ancient Culture with the new X Factor culture full of fake tans and silicon creating a stereotype appeance that is a requirment for this new fake World. The so called Celtic tiger was an excuse for the greediest people in Irish society to consume everything in their path using their well established mafia type cronyism that has existed for a long time, they bankrupted the Country siphoned off all the wealth and now the ordinary people must suffer in the ruins of what has become a third World country. This same section of people who spawned the corrupt councilers and planning officials are now actively engaged in ethnic cleansing of the native Irish Celtic people, replacing them with cheap eastern European labour to man their myriad of businesses and fill their rental properties forcing the overburdened Irish tax payers to pay the rent for their cheap labour imports through rent allowance payments. This section of Irish society are also responsible for the paedophile Priests by forcing their Sons to join the Priesthood for the power and prestige of having a Priest in the family and then placing them in charge of state run institutions full of misfortunate Irish people whose only crime was to be poor, these are the same poor people that these monsters were told not to associate with from an early age because they were inferior resulting in the inevitable savage abuse of these misfortunates on a massive scale. Even Ireland's ancient ring forts were not safe from these evil people with over 90% of them being destroyed out of pure greed for land, after all that bit of ground means more cattle and more profits. Everything is for sale in this new Ireland as traditional Irish icons tumble one after another, Waterford Glass was closed laying off a large section of working class people and stealing their pension that they had paid into for decades, meanwhile a new factory was opened in Poland making Crystal branded as Waterford, setting up a showroom with a small token manufacturing facility in Waterford employing only a fraction of the old workforce. Our new European masters have demanded that we sell off far more of our state assetts, most of which were built by the taxes of generations of Irish people who have been now thrown on the scrap heap. I will sum up the new Ireland with one final example of what generous people our elite rulers are, we have committed €690,000,000 in aid to Africa to do our part in financing the next doubling of the population of that continent, recently we paid over €10,000,000 of this, meanwhile a Childrens hospital in Dublin placed an urgent appeal to the public for €8,000,000 in emergency aid to try to prevent any more children from dying due to lack of cardiac facilities in this run down antiquated hospital, they were told by the government that no funding was available. All over Ireland sick children are lying on trollies in corridors of hospitals due to cutbacks not to mention what the elderly people are enduring. This aid money to Africa is being paid with money borrowed from Europe and will take generations to repay, what a price to pay just so we can be percieved as the generous Irish on the World stage, it is an awful pity this generousity did not extend to our own indiginous citizens but I guess they are surplus to requirements at this stage by the new landlord gentry in the brave new Ireland that is dawning.
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That is very sad... Why can governments not find a happy medium between being totally ethnocentric and destroying what makes a country unique? Is it really so hard to be reasonably tolerant of other peoples without erasing a nation's individual culture? What's happening to Ireland is heartbreaking and completely unnecessary. :(