Who is the better hero?


Homer illustrated two great characters in his poem. They both are strong, brave, and noble but is also the opposite of each other. There is no doubt that Achilles is far better than Hector when it comes to fighting. Let's also say that Achilles had saved his people but he did it to get himself a name. Achilles, the mightiest warrior, only wants fame and honor. He wants the people to remember him and his greatness. He abandoned the army because of his personal issues. Surely, that is not an image a true hero.

Hector, on the other hand, was a good son, father, and husband and brother. He cares a lot to his people and is willing to give up his life just to save them. Despite being mortal, he still managed to stand toe to toe with Achilles. Though he had been a coward at first, he eventually realized that it was better to fight Achilles and die in a hero's death than to see his people suffer from the enemy's hands. Actually, it depends on how you define a "hero". For me, a hero is a man with compassion to his people and will never abandon them in whatever moments they may face. A man who will never turn his back when his people cry for help. Hector, absolutely fits in and he is a better hero than Achilles.
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Your concept of "hero" is wrong here. While Hector fits the "hero" ideal of the modern world, but in ancient Greece, Achilles was considered the greater one, because back then deeds trumped motivation.

I believe, hector was the true hero, in all aspects, he went up against a demigod for God's sake, he hardly stood any chance against achilles!

I don't know about " hero " but i like Achilles disregard the idea fighting for people, Achilles is a true hero like Hector in aspect of pursuing his own true ideal. For me being a hero is not about people, but it is about fighting for your own justice and be able to see the best ideal at that time. please correct me if i am wrong.

In the real world alot of that exist but when the money talks alot of them abandon those who needs them to be so for better judgement i guess what really exist in this world is how you adjust and make yourself a better person to be a HERO.