Aphrodite is my favorite ❤️❤️❤️.
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Poseidon is my favourite :) <3

Love him as well 😊

I don't know. I've never been one for sex idols. I'm partial to Persephone because she isn't fawned over and yet she is still considered something of a treasure by other gods.

What do you think of Hera?

I mean everyone needs a matriarch. Obviously I tend to let innocence sway my preferences when it comes to mythology. Innocence and purity are, after all, the most admirable traits one can have.

Do you admire innocence and purity more then intelligence?

Intelligence is relative to your situation as far as I'm concerned. Wisdom is a whole different story though. Wisdom is definitely to be honored, but innocence is to be protected.

So you would prefer Hera to Athena?

Well Athena is supposed to be physically pure, but matriarchs are such an important cornerstone. I can't say I could dictate a competition between the two.

I like them both

Haha yeah that's quite a bit of a debate. Ill will and mislead intentions everywhere. Is there a reason you're partial to Aphrodite?

I admire her some of her abilities and persuasion

Haha "persuasion" having "tools" that strike lust into the heart of gods might come in handy.

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