I love Mytholgy
Poseidon is my favourite :)
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Omg Poseidon is awesome. My friends relate me to ares or Athena cuz I'm always In fights haha.

Haha :) my friends haven't a clue who Poseidon is
Like only one person who I know does lol

Omg how is that possible ?! Poseidon is one of the 3 kidz of Kronos. he's one of the 3 main gods . Plus Poseidon is freaking awesome haha

Haha ikr I just literally walk away from them shaking my head

Id be like " u ..... U my friend disappoint me . Good day " and walk away like a boss 😄

Preach it 😂 Haha

Haha hellz yh 😄 preaching is ma style 😏haha

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I don't like poseidon

I love mythology too, especially Norse and Celtic )0(

i do too, and poseidon is one of my favs

God of the Sea <3