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Is The Egyptian Afterlife A Myth, Legend Or Really What We Should Expect When Death Occurs?

I am obssessed with learning about all types of myths and legends from all cultures, and honestly I don't know which one I would ever start with because they're all so fascinating. Perhaps I could pick one randomly and give my opinion. One of the cultures that captivates me to no end are the different types of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. It is captivating to explore the history of Ancient Egyptians. I admire hieroglyphs and learning about them, and I love learning about the ancient Egyptian calender. Mummification is fascinating too when you're prepared to be bewildered by how a body goes through mummification but that is not what makes Egypt myths and legends what it is. I can't get enough of learning about the Egyptian afterlife. After all, the afterlife was the most important thing to Egyptians as was the human life. The impact of the Gods and Goddesses behind the process is captivating behind the mysteries of the afterlife. And the judgement of the human soul passing through the afterlife is all the most bewildering as it makes me question "if the afterlife is this important to one of our greatest and oldest cultures of humankind, is our heart, and soul really judged against the weight of the feather? And are us humans now, really capable of passing this judgement test?" We will really never know until we too experience the afterlife when death comes.
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There is no after life. This is the cold hard fact of it. So make the most of your life here and now because it's the only thing that we know is real.

The ancient Egyptians were amazing but also massively confused. They thought that dung beetles had the magical capacity to spontaneously come back to life, because they did not grasp the life cycle of these insects, which includes a stage where the beetles are underground grubs. The Egyptians saw them coming up out of the ground and conclude that this was a miraculous power the beetles possessed, which is why they had scarabs (beetles) in jewelry, carvings, statues, you name it. No mummy has ever come back to life. The early Egyptians found some corpses that were dried out and preserved in the desert and then from this got the idea of mummification. Combine this with the beetle nonsense and you have the makings of elaborate myths and rituals.