The Devil's Appearance In San Antonio, Tx

This story was told me to by my father which was told to him by my grandmother Juanita.  She told my dad that when she was in her 20's she went to a nightclub (this would have been in the 1930's during the prohibition) which her mother had told her to stay away from because these were evil places.  Her mother had also told her to get home before 3 o'clock or else something bad could happen to her.  So my grandmother goes with a young man (I think he said his name was Ricardo) to the nightclub and they are there drinking and dancing the night away.  The young man kept trying to get her outside but she refused him thinking that the man wanted to have his way with her.

At around two o'clock am she asked the young man to escort her home, the young man looked at her and said it wasn't time yet.  He kept refusing her and the nightclub was still in full swing about 45 minutes later.  Juanita was getting concerned because she remembered what her mother had said to get home before three o'clock am.  She insisted with Ricardo and she says that she felt the ground around her giving away, she moved back and a hole opened up in the ground where she had been standing just a few minutes ago.  The young man who had escorted her there stands before the hole and she looks at his glowing eyes.  There is chaos happening in the background people are screaming and running out of the club.  She was entranced with the young man he was such a handsome young man and always so polite to her.  He holds out his hand and says "It's time for you to come with me."  She wasn't scared but curious to find out what he was talking about so she asked him, "where would that be?"  He answers, "to my house, you will be my wife.."  She then saw a curious thing happening to his face and he changed into the devil!

At this point she is freaking out and asks him, "I can't be your wife, you are the devil!"  He laughs at her and says, "No, I'm Diablo.  Come with me Juanita, be my wife."  She screams as he tries to draw her into the pit, she felt herself being drawn nearer and was almost to him and within his reach when another young man rescues her and suddenly Diablo and the hole are gone and the nightclub catches fire.  They run outside and the entire nightclub is engulfed in the fire and is burned to the ground.  

This is the reason why most nightclubs in Texas close at two am before the devil begins his collection of souls. 
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My grandmother used to tell me a story like this. Just yesterday I was talking to two coworkers that heard the same thing from their grandparents. It happened in a bar on the west side

I have done some reading on demonology and I can't say I know what demon this would be but this would be a fascinating story to do research on. Then again there are more than a few demons that pray on young women who like to party.

And pray tell what the other stories are about? Interesting enough topic I think.

Well the only ones off the top of my head go after men. Demons that go after women tend to marry or enslave them. You might want to look into this one for its origin. There was a woman who gets captured by a demon with a snake for a tail. I forget how. He then disguises himself as an older woman and takes her to a village as her servant. Then a man comes into town wondering where his bride to be was and he believes he has found her. He then takes a bucket of milk and has every one in the village jump over it. When the demon jumps over it the snake cant resist the chance to drink milk and comes out to drink it. The man kills the demon then runs off with his love to get married. But most stories that deal with marriage are female demons who want to become human and make human babies.

I see. I thought people would laugh at this story, but it was really sold as a "REAL STORY" to me as a kid.

That's how it's done most of the time. Some of the best stories ever told were from an old man in a rocking chair.

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This is just my take on what I remember him telling me a long long time ago.

I have heard of stories close to that.....and really to be honest demons are not tthe only thing that appears at 3 am.

What stories have you heard? Now you have me curious.