While studying the cultures, manners of living and philosophies of the other people, I realizes two important things:

* We all are really brothers because we act all in a similar way.

* We have a common base of knowledge compared to the origin of our civilizations.

I find that reassuring.
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i totally a agree with you, we grief the same, we laugh the same, we hate the same and we love the same...<br />
there is a dream, one can only keep it deep down, and take it out when it needed the most. a dream of real unity of mankind, but keeping all the characteristics that defined us, becoming one race as we are, becoming one nation without boundaries, appreciate each other, looking to every person as him/her self not as a part of a group, you could say "globalization", but not as a mean for the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer, the last stage of development that human society can achieve. if that really happen, you won't find conflicts between countries because we are one state, you won't find people dying from hunger, because our wealth is for all, and there will be a real civilizations to include us all. and the human race will stop looking under their feet, and start gazing hopefully to the stars.<br />
to all brothers and sisters in humanity out there, keep that dream alive in you, may the day it come true be in our lifetimes...

Thanks, nice comment.

Yes, that realisation would turn the whole world on it's head. Wouldn't that be a great day?

Ooops, maybe one day, Heaps of civilizations also envisaged it. But still a little time please, I still have some little work to do.

I suppose the real issue is that you had to discover this - it should be out in the open understood by all. Clear far too many people simply do not understand this.

Perhaps that the spirit of humanity is not yet ready to recognize this obviousness !

It would turn society on it's head. The rich and the powerful would have to make peace &amp; give charity, not make war &amp; money for themselves!

Juliegirlie!, my friendly friend! :D I think, people, are people, whom ever, they maybe and from all walks of life, :D We are all the same! inside! We, think, the same, eat the same, we are born the same and die the same! <br />
We, all share the most common "human traits", "love, hate, envy, greed, gluttonony, lust, etc; we are all the same, whatever civilization, we are born into! :D <br />
<br />
Great post :D my chickee! and i thank you for sharing! :D :D <>

Thanks for Your Intelligent comment :)