A Fractured World

this story was given to me by my ancestors

every thing in creation is made out of  vibrations that are mixed together to form creation....

like a song which is made up of many different frequencies and notes played by the musicians.

creation is also made up of many different vibrations woven together like a song....

the trees - water - plants - mnerals and animals are held together by the weaving of the tones of creation.

humanities role is to move the energy necessary to weave the vibrations together much like a conductor, to form creation based upon earths dream..

in the dreamtime the ancestors sang creation into manifestation, they sang the mountains valleys and hills they sang the rivers lakes and oceans

all kingdoms participated each having a unique roll...song and voice in the dance of creation

it was then humanities reponsibility to repair and manage the energetic movememnts of the tones..... moving through creation keeping everything in balance unity and harmony..... each kingdom supports each other in the dance  through a  connection

eg.. the plant inkgdom provides oxygen that supprrts the existence of the humans... and humans provide carbon dioxide to the plant kingdom...

all of creaton existed in a state where there ws no separation of physical, energetic and nonphysical...everything was in balance... everything was whole this state of being is often referred to in many different beliefs such as paradise heaven or navana                                                                                                

such an existence is within the genetic memory of all humans...

in ancient times earths dream was manifested into creation.......

the mineral and crystal kingdoms were bound together by the elements...fire-water-air and ether....and life began

earths dream is based upon her desire for evolution, growth and understanding of her spiritual connection to man...

humans were the dream-keepers and dream weavers

the dream keepers were the visionaries they relayed the earths dreams to the weavers and the weavers kept the web of life connected...

the mineral kingdom is able to move large amounts of energy and when focused with human intent provides the tones and energy necessery for regeneration and support of the whole....

at the same time humans can also move energy and tones that can and have caused great harm and destruction...

he belived himself to be greater than earths dreaming...he envisioned his own dream ...ignored and neglected earths dream....

man has fractured earths dream weaving...separated the physical from the non-physical....he has shattered manifestation-creation........instead of unity and evolution....separation- and destruction has been the result.....

our web is now fragmented and our journey is now one of pain-fear-anger and humanity is lost and alone in a world of our making

mother earth lost control of her dreams as humans have pushed her to the brink....

but as all cycles go ...her darkest days are over as she awakens to regain control of her dream....she refuses to be destroyed or sacrificed...she has begun her healing 

an uprising of human conscience and spiritual connection to the earth has emerged

to understand and overcome darkness and destruction ...one must experience it

as one understands and overcomes darkness and destruction then they can never be destroyed

do not feel guilty or blame yourselves for feeling fragmented and disconnected.... you were born into a fractured world


jinda jinda
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12 Responses Mar 26, 2008

Simply Amazing and Beautiful :)

Simply Amazing and Beautiful :)

This is lovely! It fits very closely to my Wiccan/General Pagan beliefs. I believe many Native American cultures have similar stories as well. Just a beautiful story. One we can learn a lot from.

LOVE this story , find it really comforting somehow

LOVE this story , find it really comforting somehow

very intresting,comments i truly believe we are energys and all conected,good stuff thanks for sharing your wisdom

this dreamtime story is from mother earth....our creator....you are one of her children....you have her spirit...it is she who guides her child through dreams...

I am positive that I have no Origins in australia, however, I do believe that all of man was connected to a single set of humans at the beggining...there fore I believe that this knowledge can and does flow through all of us, but some are unaware, or they silence it...<br />
<br />
Man and Earth are supposed to be symbiotic, yet man has become a harmful parasite. things must go back to the begging, or else they will end...

the dreamtime stories reflect many peoples beliefs and connection to the earth....<br />
you my sister are a child of our mother earth...you are a dream-keeper....a gaurdian and a protector...one to guide the weavers..... your comments and kindness are truly inspiring to me...<br />
you have warmed my heart many times <br />

Wow, jinda! Your understanding is so like my own! Good on you for stating it so clearly!

the earth and all life is generated by an energy that is created by movement...every time we move we create energy ...if the earth stopped revolving all energetic forces would cease and the earth would topple just like a spinning top falls when it stops rotating ...it must be perfectly balanced or it cannot generate the force to keep it upright and sustainable...positive and negative forces pushing together to create our world <br />
the dreamweavers were humans... mother earths perfect creation...guardians of the land and its creatures...protecting its vital resources for future generations....living in harmony with the land..and never taking from her what is not needed... replenishing everything that was taken from her.... but somehow through a warped space in time the negative took control of earths dreaming and now weaves a world of destruction...poisoning our land water and air for personal profit and greed<br />
i believe that the positive forces are regaining their power and will push against the negative and once again gain control of the earths weaving and bring our world back into balance<br />
what does burrimal mean and how come you live in the US<br />

Let me get this straight: vibrations were woven together by the ancestors to make creation. <br />
<br />
Did the ancestors come from the Earth's dreams?<br />
<br />
Being Australian, I want to learn more about the Dreamtime.<br />
<br />
I like this story. I can see the parallels with my own beliefs in evolution.