Japanese Ones In Particular.

Japanese ghost tales- those are my favorites. Nure Onna The Snake Woman, Rokurokubi/Long neck, Aka Manto/Red cloak, the works. I could read 'em all night. But Greek/Roman myths are a good pastime. Zeus, Hades, Hera, Poseidon. The fact that people sat there and came up with these stories is just amazing. Detailed stories that make you think or that can actually scare you.. That's what reading is all about.
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Do you read them from books or online?<br />
If you read them online could you send me a mail with a link oder if you read a book could you tell me the names because I also love myths from japan but haven't got as much experience on that subject yet.<br />
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I read them from books and online, really. For most of the Japanese ones, I can tend to find them on Wikipedia.com. And for the books, I have a few named 'Japanese Mythology- Juliet Piggot.' I got from Amazon, and then 'I am Tama, Lucky Cat.' 'Seven Japanese Tales- Junichiro Tanizaki.' and lastly 'Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories'. Hope I helped ^_^

Thanks! You really helped.

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