Stigmata --is It Legend Or Fact They Have Supernatural Powers?

What is known about Stigmata is that over 321 people have had them since the 13th centry and they included 41 men. Sixty-two of them have been declared Saints by the Catholic Church. The first recorded stigmatic was St. Francis of Assisi, in whom the stigmata were of a character never seen subsequently; in the wounds of feet and hands were excrescences of flesh representing nails, those on one side having round back heads, those on the other having rather long points, which bent back and grasped the skin.
1.Physicians have not succeed in curing these wounds with remedies.
2.On the other hand, unlike natural wounds of a certain duration, those of stigmatics do not give forth a fetid odour. To this there is known but one exception: St. Rita of Cassia had received on her brow a supernatural wound produced by a thorn detached from the crown of the crucifix. Though this emitted an unbearable odour, there was never any suppuration or morbid alteration of the tissues.
3.Sometimes these wounds give forth perfumes, for example those of Juana of the Cross, Franciscan prioress of Toledo, and Bl. Lucy of Narni.
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I know someone who had that as a child.

you are delusional, have you seen a stigmatic, have you talked to a doctor who treated the wounds, wounds that defy the laws of nature. no part of the human body is capable of producing a perfume smell. prove to me god exists just try, so i can have a good laugh at your expense<br />
as for supernatural. no such thing. no big foot, no chupa cabra, no cryptozoology, no rising from the dead, no virgin births and you cant prove there is

I will prove God exist when you prove that you exist, you could well be a something I dreamed up in my delusional mind.

so you admit your delusional. can your god type or form a coherant thought

I only admit to PTSD that on occassion causes delusional flash backs mixing the realitity of the past as fact in the present. What is your excuse to limit your ontological concept to only the Abstract and Concrete and deny Parmenides and monism?

i believe in facts not conjecture, i believe in logic not a pathetic faith that gives you nothing but an excuse to deny your responsibilities

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