Do You Know The Story Of Banzan?

It has been a story that perplexed me for so long and I knew there was some reason that it kept popping up in my subconcious.
There is true beauty within this small gem of a story!

The story of Benzan.
Before he became a great Zen master, he spent many years in the pursuit of enlightenment, but it eluded him. Then one day, as he was walking in the marketing place, he overheard a conversation between a butcher and his customer. “Give me the best piece of meat you have, ” said the customer. And the butcher replied, “Every piece of meat I have is the best. There is no piece of meet here that is not the best.” Upon hearing this, Banzan became enlightened…

When you accept what is, every piece of meat–every moment–is the best.

So there you go, there is no where to go, there is no where to turn to find that peace and balance. There is nothing to fix or change. . All the peace and perfection we seek is within us, if we just sit still and listen to our true self and let it flow.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Ohhhh happy and joyful thoughts :) All we have is right now, this moment. May we all find enlightenment within it! Loved this post of yours .. thank you:) xox

you're welcome :)