There're Amazing

Amazing in what they actually say. I love reading them

Amazing in that so many cultures have the same myths and ledgends. Written in the terms and symbols they understand.

It is fun to read and learn and compare.

Maybe we're not so different after all.

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yeah i know that the time of these events could differ...but the similarities are still the same....<br />
aboriginal history was recorded on rock walls and through stories that have been passed down through the was never written...and time was not documented<br />
i dont believe the bible stories...of god sending down fireballs from the sky..or god tellin noah to build an wasnt gods wrath or miracles.....but natural phenomenas that occurred....<br />
the bible may teach good lessons...but they enhanced the stories to serve a is a book designed to put the fear of god into man gain power over men...and for men to have power over is a very chauvinist read<br />

You could read in the similarity to Noah's Ark, but I bet it corresponds to an actual event far back in time. Remember your people have been there for at least 40,000 years most likely a lot longer and have experienced in that time many natural disasters and that sounds like a large meteor hitting the earth to me. <br />
<br />
Up around Cairns the people have a story of racing inland to escape the rising sea. Many people saw that story as not true untill evidence of the sea level rising a meter a day at the end of the last ice age. Meaning people living in coastal areas would have been running in front of rising waters.<br />
<br />
If you were to research possible natural events that might have produced the effects you are describing in that story you will no doubt find something corresponding to your story. Granted it sounds like it could relate to Noah's Ark but I think it is more likely an independent event with some similarities to the Noah story that's all.

well i dont think they are spread through hearsay ...i believe that natural phenomenas ocurred simultaineously in different lands not understanding such things...interpreted the meaning and reasons of these occurences in many different ways<br />
<br />
here is an example<br />
i am from barkantji country which is western NSW....the darling river country...<br />
long long ago the bad Kadiatja (cleverman) foreseen the coming of the great fireball from the sky...<br />
he tried to warn the people to leave...but they thought it was another of his they took no notice<br />
<br />
then the fireball hit... it skipped across the earths surface....<br />
hitting barkantji country and skipping across the great ocean to the land of mecca<br />
many people died and those that survived were horribly burnt.....some escaped harm and were left to tend the injured and to find food in a scorched land<br />
<br />
then the rains came...torrential rains that had no began to flood...... the people camped at the top of the mountain ....the waters continued to rise till no other land could be seen....<br />
the rains ended.....the water subsided and soaked into the earth ....the land was renewed again<br />
<br />
sound familar to the bible stories of noah etc<br />
there are others to with similar comparisons to the stories of other lands<br />

Everybody loves a good story, many myths and legends are similar around the world simply because explorers and traders took them with them. Stories are traded just as frequently as physical goods.

If you like legends you might like the story of Gellert, google "Bedd Gellert" it's a beautifull tale

Yes very interesting how that all happened. Why do you think the human race dreamed up this stuff in sinc with each other around the world when there was no telephones or tvs, just smoke signals. lol No one has figured that out but might be interesting to talk about. : )

yes josie we are all the same<br />
all scriptures and beliefs are basically the same'...of course they would differ from culture to culture and land to land<br />
i love stories from other interesting<br />