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It started when I was meditating one day and Fraya came to visit me... I did't know who she was as I didn't know Norse mythology. After telling my mentor about the incident he figured out it was Freya and advised me to read Norse mythology... I knew this was the right place for me. *smiles*

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the vikings gave us the days of the week and fraya was the female god for we now call friday.

I love myths, but there are some that I can't stand, like the medical myths, such as rubbing alcohol on a child to break a fever. This is stupid and dangerous. First off, the alcohol lowers the outside temperature, causing your muscles to shiver. Shivering raises the outside temp., but also the inside temp. Thus, the child overheats and dies. There are also cases of the child dying of alcohol poisoning. I don't know which is more sad, the people who test these kind of myths, or the people that these myths are tested on.