The Crazed

Jarone and Samantha just got back from there walk in the woods.They did this everyday, but never by their selves. Samanthe wanted to take a walk by herself so she did that right at midnight. Her brother always told her never walk by yourself and never after midnight. Now her mother's grandfather clock had just struck midnight and she tiptoed downstairs as it rang and left right as the clock began to quiet down. She jumped behind the bushes and got her book-bag packed with everything she thought she needed:her flashlight, a p.b and j,some milk, and her sleeping bag. Now this six year old started her walk and as she stood right infront of the crooked tree that bent over like a frame of a door she stopped not ever remebering the tree being bent like that. Then she got her flashlight,turned it on, took one deep breath, and walked past the crazed tree never to return. As she walked past she thaught she heard a chuckle and was about to turn around but convinced herself it was her imagination and plus "no one ever takes a walk in the woods after midnight, except me" she said eager at the thought that she would be the first to walk after midnight in the crazed woods. But little did she know she wasn't the first. She kept on walking with her flashlight leading the way; all of a sudden her flashlight died no light came upon it. She shook it thinking the light would come back. The first time she shook it she heard that laugh again, the second time she heard footsteps. She was about to shake it a third time but it was gone. She didnt even remeber having a flashlight , she wondered why she was shaking her hand and then she looked down and her hand was gone. This little girl didn't scream like many would instead she convinced herself that she was born with no hand. She looked up at the moon and whispered "the moon shall guide me to my destiny." She continued her walk. As she walked she aged and lost alot of things not just her memory but just like her hand things were disappering. She stopped when a popping sound bounced into her ears it was similar to the laugh, then she heard footsteps, and began to breath heavily. She didn't dare move or run , her mother told her never to run when in danger instead walk; show whoever or whatever your not afraid. And right as she took her first step to walk somthing tackeled her. She still didn't scream or show mercy or fear. She breathed even heavier and her lost brother dragged her by her hair to the end of the forest. This wasn't Jarone though, she had another brother who just like her had walked into the forest after midnight and was forgotten about. He looked like no human,no alien,no beast, he looked like he belonged in another galaxy as a animal. What Samantha didn't know is that the Green teeth, Slimy green and brown hair, paws of an ape, breath of the unruly has never eaten and he was hungry. He could talk though and once he took them off path he spoke. In his pleasantist voice he said "Samantha, i must get you to safty...see we have to hide you untill tommorrow when you are free to leave" Cutting him off Samantha snapped asking million of questions "How you know my name, what kinda creature you, how you talk, and how i know i trust you,you think ima stupid; know im not scared kay" He replied " I know alot and are alot" he continued "your in danger there are many hungry creature and thy does not wish to be eaten, do they" "No" she stubbornly replied. He lead her to the cliff of the forest and brung out a kettle.One of which she never saw before. He said "Hurry jump in, the creatures are close" "I hear noting, and thats a kettle in which i am not to be cooked" "No it is not a kettle, no kettle is a big as this, or has such a hole so small" he then mumbled to his self"except homeade ketteles" "kay i belive you but if heat be coming through im jumping out" "Whatever you please now get in im hungry" "huh?" "I said there coming" "oh" She hoped in with no more questions. He dragged her over a pile of sticks and climbed in. He started pouring water in the Kettle. "What are you doing" Samantha yelled "putting water in your hide out" "I know that why?" "So you have something to do why you wait 'till tommorrow... you like to swim don't you." "Yes, yes i do" "okay, i have to go b/c if i get in the water it'll getta dirty and youll get sick" With that siad he left and he waited to hear her start swiming. Splash went the water and this sneaky thing grabbed the top and plopped it on the kettle. He then locked it with millions of chains.He started to fire the woods and now little Samantha was cooking. As she cooked she swam thinking the water was just getting hot because it was put in a long time ago and know water can stay cold.Little did she know The beast was outside dancing around the kettle singing "I shall have a feast tonight oh what a delight. A feast,oh yes. A feast is what i dance. It'll taste like chickens and i'll even eat the bones because a feast, a feast is what i'll eat. Yes a feast a feast is what i'll eat." He sung it over and over almost forgetting that Samantha was still cooking. He never ate human before and was delighted to try because all his animal friends said if you ate chicken you ate human,but he never ate chicken either so he was extra excited to be eating two different things at once. When the smell of burtness flew past his nose he stopped his dancing and blew out the fire. Unchained the pott , got Samantha's sleeping bag out and placed cooked Samantha on it. He stared and smeeled the delic human for a while and then he dug his bare teeth into Samantha's stomach and ripped it off. He had been told the guts was the best but there was no guts. He chewed and chewed it didn't tase like chicken to him but he was hungry. He tore her head next and slurpped up her brains like spagetti soup. Water driped on his hair down right onto her feet turning his slime hair goo in to water slime goo as he bit off her foot and crunched on her toe nails his stomach beated like a drum. He looked over at the kettle and it read becoming one of me. He was never to eat one of his own kind...or he would die. And that's what he did. The moral was suppose to have something religious behind it but i think it is Never eat what you cant handel.
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Feb 10, 2009