I love acrylic nails and I can do my own and back fill
mischef mischef
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I have more nail polish than my sister and I love it

I like pink nail polish 💅

I love anything pink even my panties

I wish you could paint my nails and put makeup on me

Only cruelty free products plz!

What are you on about

What is so cruel about false nails

They test on animals. Some beauty businesses test horribly on them w/ their chemicals

Not acrylic nails they don't

I've never seen a animal with acrylic nails

No. I meant their products do!

Yes I know but mice and rats are vermin they are dirty and come in plaques by the thousands

But they have feelings too. Its unfair how theyre locked up in cages mistreated... Its heartbreaking.
And some research test on dogs & cats. Thats the depressing reality of product businesses

Well I'm sorry but you and I aren't going to change that

Well im an advocate & i hope that in the future all cages are empty! You can show ur support by not buying their products but i guess acrylic nails can pass?


So how will they find vaccine for diseases will that mean every body dies

In todays era, thx to technology there are alternatives to using animals

Well I hope so but you can't always rely on on technology even that fails at the best of times

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