Love It!!

There is nothing more beautiful to look at than a naked man!! (except maybe a naked woman) I could just watch a naked man all day and not be bored!! I love the architecture, the features, and flaws are beautiful!! They are what makes the man unique ;) However, I must admit, sometimes I can't just look...I need to touch!! I love to touch them with my hands, my body, my mouth...yummmmm! I love to make them happy and it is a total turn on watching themselves make them happy :) oooooo, aaaahhh!!
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Well, I wish you and your friends lived in PA!

Thank god you exist!<br />
I so want to believe that there are women out there who do lust after the male form. It just seems like the worlds biggest double standard. Seems like all men like to show off there body's and no women likes to look at them in a sexual lustful way and that a naked man is not appreciated. <br />
A naked woman is always appreciated and adored by men and yet they women just seem to either hate there bodies or use them to get what they want from there men, which wouldn't be so bad if it was to use them for there pleasure instead of a new pair of shoes. <br />
Forgive my generalising, I mean not to be sexist, I just feel so empty cos I can't help but come to the conclusion that I'll never feel that joy you women must feel when u see a man crazy with lust from just the sight of your body. <br />
I want to be lusted after, I just want equality in my life.

you can have a look at me anytime!

feel free to look and feel lol

Absolutely!! :)

My dear,<br />
Now that we're friends, take advantage and check out my pictures. Then you can take advantage of me. LOL