Visit To A Bath House

I have been looking at nude men online in pics or videos for about 10-15 years now. It got where I got more and more excited looking at their bodies and the private parts. As I became more curious and found a few men sites online and started chatting and that was even more exciting and hot. I have met with a few men and touched them and they sucked my **** but that's all. I then heard about a Bath House close by and decided to get real brave and go to one during the day, maybe less people then. I paid for a locker and a towel and ******** down and after wrapping the towel around my waist and walked in to the bath area. There were lots of guys walking around, some with towels and some with none, and some in the hot tub, but there were all looking at the other guys in there. I was great to walk around and look and after a while I went in to the tub. It was great to watch everyone and look at all the nude bodies, young and old and slim and fat, big and small. When I got out of the tub I showered off and decided to walk around with my towel over my shoulder. It was very exciting to look at all the nude bodies and to have them look at my nude body. It was exciting but I didn't get a hardon although I did get a aroused and it was a little stifff. I know I am going to go back soon to look somemore. I am not gay but consider myself Bi but I really like to look at nude me, and have them look at me.
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2 Responses Feb 8, 2011

At the bath house they have a room that is showing XX videos and while watching one one day a guy started chatting with me. I guess I was unconscienciously scratching my balls under my towel and he smiled, and started rubbing me. It felt great and I touched his ****. It was nice but I got nervous and said I had to go. It felt great but I din't want to go further at that time. Maybe soon though

It is very nerve racking at first but I got where I enjoyed looking at their nude bodies and it was exciting to have them look at mine. I plan on going back soon and maybe go to the private rooms for a chat and intimate touch session.