well maybe not all but At Least One

The mornings, evenings, and nights that we share are so meaningful in so many ways but lead me to a situation where more needs to be said.  Longingly we talk of things we wish to do with and to one another; getting sexual in our discussions leaving us hot and bothered and me wanting far more.  These emotions and wants that I feel are far from demur yet I share them openly with you.  When will the climax be?  I want to experience you, taste you, explore, and enjoy you. You certainly are not a boy; all man through and through and all over.  I want this explosion you keep talking about to happen between my legs, and I can’t wait for the moment that we do get undressed and do the many things in person that we do from afar.  I like what I saw but I want more so go ahead baby, get a little more comfortable, take off your shirt and let me see that sexy chest. MMMM you are so masculine and all mine.  Now drop those pants. OMG MMMM you are so f*cking hot. Come on over here baby because I need some of that. I NEED YOU! MMMM AS ALWAYS!


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12 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Cold Shower... I agree... kisses my sweet fun girl<br />
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Damn that is just plain HOT.. made everybody HOT<br />
<br />
Fans for everyone!!! Fans might not cut it, Ice for everyone!!!<br />
<br />
Sweating and bulging all over.

FG, have you noticed that in Sara's story, a lady did 75 comments doing poetry one line per comment???? And you think she will be mad at me??<BR><BR>Anyway, fg, I love you anyway if I am that one. I know what a 63 year old man looks like.<BR>PS There are no rules other than NO MEANNESS OR INSULTS ARE ALLOWED. tHIS IS A FUN THING ONLY. and just how many pairs of Hi Heels did Sara offer pixe?

Hi Fg just found this ....were you talking to by any chance ? ;o)

PB... on the way.... :-)

Josie, thanks love<br />
<br />
Chris. Bring me some peanut butter! I am hungry.<br />
<br />
Pixi, You can borrow mine for a moment but I have to have it back because I am burning up today.<br />
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Mewold, stop kissing up to Pixe as that is against the contest rules. Sara is going to be none too happy lol.

FG, I wouldn't by chance be that one you are talking about would I?

I will be happy to blow on you pixe.

I have one!

Whew! Very hot words FG! I need a fan, does someone have a fan? I think I'm having a hot flash! :-)


Nicely said. Very nice. i agree with you. Thank you for the mental pictures.<br />
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i'm happy for you ... that you've found someone to make you happy. Now, go make yourself happy!